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Whether it’s a sports, remedial or relaxation massage you are after – massage is a fantastic tool to assist in recovery of muscular tightness, circulation issues and it is simply, a very good way to give something back to your body.

With 15 years experience in the Health Industry working with many different types of people, I have the experience and knowledge to assist with a huge variety of muscular issues. My background has included working with elite athletes, weekend warriors, pre and post natal mums and those people who work hard and need to look after their bodies and appreciate down time.

As an active mountain biker, kayak enthusiast and generally active person, I understand all about aches and pains.  So a good remedial massage is something I value very highly.

“I won’t recolour your aura, I definitely won’t mess with your chakras, what I will do… is give you a great massage”


Lima South


“Sarah is a very thorough and professional massage therapist. Her wealth of client experience gives her exceptional therapist intuition and as a result, exceptional outcomes and results. I have no problems recommending Sarah for her skills as a massage therapist and know that her clients will reap the benefits from her massages, either as a regular or for a specific musculoskeletal condition.”

Fiona Couchman – Chiropractor

“Great massage and Sarah is lovely. If you are in need of a deep tissue massage Sarah is your girl.”

Sharlene Payne, Mansfield

“Sarah was very thorough in explaining what she was doing and why, what I should expect and aftercare. I am very pleased with the experience I had!!”

Amanda Poulson, Mansfield

“Amazing lady-that offers a great service to the Mansfield and surrounding areas.”

Hannah Dolling, Nutritionist, Spot on Health and Nutrition

“Had an awful pain in my shoulder and neck and Sarah completely fixed it, and also showed me what I was doing wrong posture-wise so it didn’t reoccur. Awesome – highly recommend.”

Carmen King, Website Designer