Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is based on finding out what sort of injury/work/strains the client has and using this information to target the specific muscle groups causing problems.  Utilising oil to knead and stretch out those muscles shortened by exercise or work, this allows the muscle to not only relax, but promotes healing and recovery.

Pre and Post Natal Massage

This style of massage is for those pregnant women who are suffering muscular pain through their pregnancy. As muscle pain can often be consistant through your pregnancy, massage is a fantastic tool to alleviate those aches, especially sciatica and lower back pain.  Let me assist you relieve those pains and show you some tricks to keep them at bay.

Sports Massage

For people who play sport or those who have a physical job, this type of massage targets the muscles that are fatigued or injured.  It is a great way to promote recovery from training or work and allows specific muscle groups to relax and lengthen through stretching the fascia and fibres of the muscle.  I also include some * PNF stretching of the muscles after the massage.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique whereby acupuncture needles are used on specific muscles to stimulate activity in the nervous system within the muscle to aid in the repair and recovery from an injury.  With dry needling, the needles are also used to de-sensitise myofascial trigger points, alleviate excessive tension in the muscle and also stretch out micro-fibres within the muscle.

Injury Management

I can assist you in managing your injury by utilising remedial massage and also using dry needling techniques.  These two modalities work brilliantly in tandem to assist muscle recovery and the repair process.  (see dry needling definition under Services tab)

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a commonly used term for massage but generally relates to a more intense pressure level being used by the therapist in order to reach deeper layer muscles.    This is not to say, you are made to feel like you want to scramble off the table, but just enough pressure is applied to lengthen the fibres and get a great result!

Lymphatic Drainage

As the lymphatic system is our body’s defence system – it aids to ward off any infections and also detox’s the body and transports waste out of the body. With this in mind a lymphatic drainage massage incorporates stimulation of the lymphatic system – which are the lymph nodes located in the arms, neck and groin region.

Sports Bra Fitting

An essential part of good posture and reducing stress on the spine and upper back is a well-fitted sports bra.  A good sports bra is a key part of any active female’s clothing.  As an active female myself, I know how important this is, which is also the reason why I offer a free bra fitting service.


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